Computer Box provides all the services  you need for your home or office.

COMPUTER BOX, started in 1998, is a local family-owned business of Randy and Derek Clark.  COMPUTER BOX is focused on providing cost effective, quality support for the business client with one or multiple locations, servers, and workstations as well as the home systems/network. Our knowledgeable friendly staff will take the time to explain what happened to your system and what needs to be done to fix it, in easy to understand language.

Computer Box for your Business

Whether your business uses just a single computer, or has a network of hundreds of systems, Computer Box has the solutions you need to keep your business up and running. Click here to see some of the ways we can help your business.

"I want to thank you and your staff for doing an awesome job in helping us replace our 9 computers. The advice and technical support you provided in helping us order our equipment from Hewlett Packard was very valuable and saved us from many potential problems we would have incurred had we not had your consulting.. . .

. . . My staff and I were very impressed with the whole process, and would recommend you to any business regarding consulting on what equipment is appropriate, designing an appropriate way to do a conversion, to installing equipment without losing data, to customizing each work station to staff.
- Breton Williams,
Williams Financial Group, Clinton Iowa

Computer Box for your Home

If your computer at home is just not performing like it should, or you need help setting up your home network, call us! Click here to see some of the ways we can help you at home.

". . . I thought you should know that the computer works better than it ever has! I had no trouble downloading my e-mail while I was in Virginia. I have also noticed that it takes less time to start up, and generally performs much faster. I am really pleased with the work you did and I appreciate your going the extra mile so that I could take my laptop with me on my trip. Thank you so much for your good work!" - Caroline Engelbrecht